much more than just a fabric producer…


What We Provide:

We are specialized in CONTEMPORARY SUSTAINABLE FABRICS: high end novelties, eyelets, prints, embroideries and jacquards, often combined with  different finishing, laminating & printing techniques

Our strengths are in our skills for customized developments, easy communication, quick & accurate deliveries.

We’re leading the change towards SUSTAINABLE LUXURY. Our vision is a world where our products aren’t just stylish and high-quality but also make a positive impact.


Benefits for Your Brand:

  • Quality craftsmanship and luxurious experience
  • Commitment to sustainability and ethical production
  • Customization options tailored to preferences
  • Italian excellence and heritage
  • Positive impact on communities
  • Innovative solutions and exclusive offerings
  • Exceptional service and customer satisfaction
  • Peace of mind in every purchase.


Supply Chain monitoring to prevent Exploitation and Mantain Trust:

ARNIA MADE IN ITALY ensures Ethical and Legal labor practices in its Supply Chain through careful supplier selection, adherence to a strict code of conduct, transparency, regular audits, remediation efforts, and continuous improvement. This comprehensive approach reflects our commitment to creating a RESPONSIBLE and SUSTAINABLE Supply Chain that respects workers’ rights and dignity. By upholding these standards, we not only protect our own reputation but also safeguard the Reputation of our Clients in the market, demonstrating our dedication to preserving their Brand Integrity and Values.


TRANSPARENCY of the Supply Chain & PROTECTION of the Know How:

ARNIA MADE IN ITALY values TRANSPARENCY in its Supply Chain. However, reserving supplier names is necessary to:

  • protect competitive advantage;
  • honor supplier agreements;
  • prevent exploitation;
  • maintain trust.

Despite this, the company remains committed to overall transparency by providing information on its ethical standards and responsible sourcing practices.


ESG Sustainability:

You have the chance to classify your supply as sustainable, also leveraging on our status as a non-profit project. For more in-depth information, please visit our ESG Sustainability section.



Fabrics for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter

Our Textile Collections represent lines of contemporary fashion products designed following new market trends.



Fabrics Designed Collaboratively with You, based on our traceable materials and, for production orders, backed by Sustainability Certifications GRS / GOTS / ECOVERO / FSC / BCI.


Fabrics Tailored to Your Specific directions or reproduction of archive/vintage samples.





Running fabrics, complete with a color palette, readily available from our warehouse. Ongoing qualities prepped for printing, where er ensure immediate availability from our stock for fast print developments.

Organization as a TEXTILE CONVERTER

ARNIA MADE IN ITALY takes on a crucial role within the textile industry.

A textile converter is central to the production chain, tasked with transforming raw or semi-processed textile materials into ready-for-market finished or semi-finished products. This role is vital in the production of a wide range of items, from fashion apparel and accessories to home textiles.

Production Parterns / the Supply Chian

Unlike companies with vertical integration, ARNIA MADE IN ITALY does not produce these items in-house. Instead, we collaborate with a network of production partners. This approach, marked by motivation, agility, flexibility, and efficiency, sets us apart, making us highly competitive, especially when compared to companies that handle all their production internally.

Our role as a converter is especially significant regarding sustainability.

We have the unique opportunity to influence and foster sustainable practices throughout the textile production chain. We achieve this in several ways:

Material Selection: We prioritize sustainable textile materials, like organic cotton, viscose, or recycled content, reducing our environmental impact.

Sustainable Production Processes: We’re committed to low-impact production methods, such as dyeing processes that consume less water and the use of renewable energy, minimizing our ecological footprint in textile production.

Quality and Time Control: High standards of quality and sustainability are non-negotiable for us. We ensure compliance with stringent environmental regulations and oversee production timelines to prevent delays, maintaining efficiency in our supply chain.

Research and Development: Our commitment extends to the R&D of new, sustainable materials and technologies, providing our clients in the textile industry with innovative solutions.

Education and Awareness: We play an educational role, informing our clients and training our production partners in sustainability, encouraging the adoption of eco-friendly practices across the textile supply chain.

At its core, ARNIA MADE IN ITALY as a textile converter is instrumental in driving the textile industry towards more sustainable production methods.

Through our strategic choices and proactive actions, we are planting the seeds of sustainability across the sector, championing responsible practices and a deep respect for the environment.







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