Running fabrics, complete with a color palette, readily available in our warehouse for immediate delivery (just in a couple of working days). 
Ongoing qualities prepped for printing, where we ensure immediate availability from our stock for fast print developments.

What we provide

An extensive collection of running qualities, stock supported, readily available in our warehouse, selected to grant an immediate availability. This allows us to swiftly accommodate client needs, even for urgent production requirements – as well to grant long time quality & color’s tome compliance. Our service is geared towards enabling efficient and prompt manufacturing processes.

Benefits for Your Line:

  • Extensive Range: A broad selection to choose from.
  • Immediate Delivery: Quick and exact fulfillment from our ready stock.
  • Acceptable Quality standard: Assurance of top-notch products.
  • Fair Pricing: Transparent and reasonable prices..
  • Precise Orders: Deliveries perfectly matching your specifications.
  • Meticulous Oversight: We closely monitor each step, providing an internal inspection report, or on request a third part inspoection, for quality guarantee – or immediate replacement of the goods

ESG Sustainability

Our status as a non-profit project enables brands to classify their sourcing from us as sustainable, in line with our strong commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sustainability principles.

Base Cloths
for Solid & Printed
CUSTOMIZED developments

Plain Base Cloths


with full color palette

color card


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