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The success of Arnia is based on not having to depend – neither economically nor financially – on public contributions.
We pride ourselves on not only serving some of the biggest & best fashion houses in the world but also our ability to actively seek & support contemporary emerging brands by offering smaller quantities – without compromising on great service.
Social and Luxury finally marry. A wonderful synergy; refinement and elegance to the individual, and solidarity to the plural. Our project – innovative and ambitious – will be divided into the following divisions listed below


tessuti arnia


High-end refined Contemporary Fabrics, characterized by aesthetic research and development aimed at the so-called international Contemporary Emerging Brands.

How It Works

1. The Made in Italy / Italian Touch

We don’t just offer good quality fabrics with Italian Origin – we aim to offer a great service by giving our customers the speedy response that is necessary in the current market. As well as offering a large selection of core basics, we pride ourselves on our contemporary jacquards, embroideries, quilting, eyelets, prints, embellishments and finishing techniques.
We work very closely with our clients on their own customized developments.

2. Arnia is a Type B authorized social cooperative

We employ disadvantaged workers, to the extent of 30% of our total work force. In general, ARNIA favors the reintegration and social wellbeing of prisoners or former prisoners as well as other disadvantaged workers. The cooperative has the availability and the authority to also operate in laboratories located within local Italian prisons.

3. Tradition & Quality

Arnia guarantees products and services of excellence in an efficient and flexible way and at competitive prices.
An authentic expression of Made in Italy: a balanced synthesis between Tradition and Modernity.
Tradition in the revival of the most refined Italian manufacturing techniques and Modernity for the ability to modernize and reposition through the use of advanced technologies.

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